Cyrus Review

SDToday was a lazy sunday. I woke up late and went to the movie theatre to go see the independent film, Cyrus. It’s a love story about two people (John C Riley and Marisa Tomei) that are “unhappy” and longing for a lover to say the least. They meet each other at a party and hook up. C’est L’amour :p. Anyways, both of them want to have a more serious relationship and decide to go steady. Shortly into the relationship, Jon (John C Riley) Learns that his new girlfriend has a 22 year old chubby son that lives with her, Cyrus (Jonah Hill). The movie proceeds to show Jon having to cope with the strange, insecure son.

There where alot of elements that I liked about this movie. It’s definently one of the better Comedy-Dramas over the past couple of years. Possibly since Little Miss Sunshine. There isn’t really alot bad about it, but there were some things it could of improved on. Mainly that it wasn’t too funny or too dramatic, which it almost didn’t need to be, but I thing it would of been better with that in there. Also, they couldv’e added more. It was only 1hr and 30 mins. The last 30 minutes had too much happening. They could of spread it out a bit. Pretty good otherwise

Verdict: 8.5/10

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