Despicable Me Review

So last week I went to the movie premiere of Despicable Me, and it might of been the best premiere I’ve gone 2! It’s the only 3-D one I’ve gone to.
Despicable Me follows the story of Gru (Steve Carell), who was once the #1 super villian, but he has his reign stopped when a young new guy named Vector (Jason Segal). Now it is up to Gru to get it back.
1st off, I must applaud the 3-D in this film. It truly marks the 1st great 3-d film since all of this Real-D crap. The storyline is solid. You shouldn’t get confused. The jokes are even good, there are even some for the parents! It was one of those movies with an All-Star cast and big-budget that did NOT disapoint.

Verdict : 9/10

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