Grown Ups Review

Since it started promoting itself back around Christmas holiday, I’ve been much anticipating the movie Grown Ups. It has an all-star cast which includes Adam Sandler, Rob Schnider, David Space, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek and plenty more surprises.

The movie revolves around 5 friends (Sandler, Schnider, Space, James & Rock) that are reunited for a weekend of fun when they and their families attend their old coach’s funeral. Sound ironic how a weekend of fun would be caused by a funeral eh? Some of the weekend activities include rope swinging, basketball and even a day at the water park.

I liked this movie alot because I’m sure all of the 5 friends act similar on and off-screen, like pure idiots. Which made it funny while keeping itself family friendly.

There was one part that I both liked and disliked, that there was no real conflict and more just like an average family weekend with exaggerated humour. That way it makes it almost so much easier to make sequels. It wasn’t one that needed a big conflict too, but throughout the whole movie I was anticipating one.

Overall it was descent. I would by the DVD and go and see a sequel (if they made one). But it wasn’t the best performance from any of the actors. Well, maybe the child stars, but they’re all nobodys. Specificly, I liked Adam Sandler when he played a single dumbass that keeps a storng relationship to his parents. Billy Madison, Happy Gillmore and The Waterboy. Those are just a few like that. But I guess his peak is behind him. O well. I still luv him and he’s my favorite actor. I like this group of  in-their-40s morons. Keep making us laugh boys!

Verdict : 7.9 (Not quite an 8, But really close to one!)

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