Toy Story 3 Review


After much anticipation, a 2nd sequel was made to the 1995 animated hit, Toy Story. The plot revolves around Andy, the boy with all the toys has grown up and is now leaving to college. While storing and throwing out things in his room, he goes to put the toys in the attic. But he leaves them in a garbage bag (except Woody who he intends to take with him) and his mother misplaces for garbage. The main toys (Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Ham, Rex, Slinky, Barbie) are disappointed in Andy thinking they aren’t wanted by him anymore, so they sneak off in his mom’s car so that they could be donated to a preschool. And that’s when the trouble begins.

Sorry, I said alot. Now onto the review. This was just a well made and enjoyable movie. I really want to write some negative reviews, but I can’t! This summer has a good lineup. Moviewise. This has to be possibly the best 3rd movie. Best animated 3rd diffidently. It is the plot that made it great. I found it was very solid. And the animation was incredible. You can see so many details in the charecters and places. It makes the original Toy Story almost a joke effectwise.

I’m warning you all now, This movie will be sad for you if you are a Toy Story fan. I don’t know what your reaction will be, I just know that it will be sad. I started almost tearing up. I would of shed a few tears if my friend hadn’t started talking to me 😡 . Go see this movie. Its worth it for every1, unless you don’t like children films).

Verdict: 8.5

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