Teenage Dream (Song) – Review

So this week, Katy Perry’s new single came out. It is called Teenage Dream, as is her album. This single is the follow up to her smash hit “California Gurls”.

It’s very mainstream pop music. Something that radio listeners will enjoy. I think that it’s an enjoyable enough record and that it could be able to make somewhat of an impact on the radio.

I like the lyrics. Perhapes the concept of them aren’t as powerfull as other songs throught the years, but they really put a visual in your head of what Katy’s singing. It’s a bit “Luvey Dovey”(good signature use, eh?)

The beat is just OK. I’m always expecting alot from Dr. Luke (the producer of this song, aswell as Ke$ha’s TiK ToK, Avil Lavigne’s Girlfriend and other hit songs. But it fits the song, and thats what counts.

So if you liked any of Katy’s old work, then you’ll probably like this.

Verdict: 7

In depth:

Katy: 7


Beat: 6

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