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Usher – Versus (Review)

Usher has gone through alot from 2008 to now. Musicwise, he has made 2 number 1 albums, 2 number 1 singles, collaborations with artists such as Drake, Beyonce, and many more. He has also been benefiting off of the … Continue reading

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Akon @ the Balloon Festival in St Jean Sur Richelieu

It was the second to last night of the Balloon Festival in St. Jean. It was also the night that R&B singer was to perform there. He was supposed to perform in Montreal last year (St Jean is just outside … Continue reading

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The Other Guys Review

Last week I saw two movies in 1 day. One of these films was the buddy cop comedy The Other Guys. The film is about two NYC policemen Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Holtz (Mark Wahlberg). They are known … Continue reading

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Dinner For Schmucks Review

Today being cheap Tuesday, I decided to take the advantage and go see two movies. One of these movies was Dinner For Shmucks. It’s about Tim Conrad (Paul Rudd), an ambitious worker who has it all, a beautiful girlfriend, a … Continue reading

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Rant, IN 3-D

In more recent years movies have been taking in more money than ever before. And one of the major elements to help it get to that point was none other than 3-D films. Yes, “Eye Popping 3-D Effects” are what … Continue reading

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Charlie St. Cloud Review + A little story

  CAUTION: THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS Yesterday wasn’t the nicest day outside, so me and a couple of friends agreed to go see Dinner For Shmucks at 1:30. I know it sounds a bit odd since I’m not reviewing it, but … Continue reading

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Osheaga Festival Review

Last weekend, Montreal had its biggest concert event of the summer, the 2010 Osheaga Festival. This year’s lineup included some great acts, Weezer, Jimmy Cliff, Snoop Dogg, Devo, and Arcade Fire just to name a few. But I only stayed for … Continue reading

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