Charlie St. Cloud Review + A little story



Yesterday wasn’t the nicest day outside, so me and a couple of friends agreed to go see Dinner For Shmucks at 1:30. I know it sounds a bit odd since I’m not reviewing it, but as the story develops, you will understand the situation better. Anyways, we were running a bit late, and by the time we got to the theatre, it was about 1:42, the time the trailers end. My friends hate missing beginnings, so we bought tickets to Charlie St. Cloud, against my will. I even walked into Dinner For Shmucks and it was just starting . No character were even introduced yet. But my friends didn’t care, they were determined to see Charlie St Cloud, so I did too.Golden Raspberry Award

Now onto the review. The movie revolves around Charlie (Zac Efron) and Sam (Charlie Tahan), two brothers involved in a car crash. Charlie awakes in an ambulance from the near death experience to find Sam laying next to him, dead. The next scene is the funeral. Charlie finds himself confused and hurt and decides to run off into the woods. There he finds his brother, dead, but he can still see him. Charlie thinks this is a good opportunity to keep his promise to his brother and play catch with him near sundown.

Sorry for the long talk, but now REALLY, the review. I think that Zac Efron made a big improvement as an actor, espicially since he started with being a “Disney Boy”. This film sparked a more dramatic, less musical side of Zac and showed that he can act with big names such as Ray Liotta and Kim Basinger.

But the film itself was just descent. Not great. The idea that Charlie St Cloud can see dead people is such a ripoff of The Sixth Sense, inwhich there is even a line,

“I can see dead people” – Haley Joel Osment

Besides that, the storyline was OK, but not enough to get the #1 spot in the country. Perhapes it will get an award, I wouldn’t be surprised if it won a Razzie (thats not to say I think it should win one).

Dispite not loving it, it was better than I expexted. I would’ve still rather gone to see Dinner For Shmucks though.

Verdict: 6 (You won’t waste your money, but you might not love it)

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