Osheaga Festival Review

Last weekend, Montreal had its biggest concert event of the summer, the 2010 Osheaga Festival. This year’s lineup included some great acts, Weezer, Jimmy Cliff, Snoop Dogg, Devo, and Arcade Fire just to name a few. But I only stayed for 2 acts, Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff and Waving Flag singer K’Naan.

First up was Jimmy. Boy, was he great. The 62-year-old doesn’t sound any different as to how he did in his youth. And he’s still dancing around on stage wearing golden sneakers! He performed a lot of newer songs, which nobody was expecting. At first I had my doubts when the song we not recognizable, but they were all good. They had really possitive messages of luv and peace, very Jamacian. Jimmy had his eyes closed the whole time he sang, but his band was looking and smiling at every1. At one point I stuck my thumb up to say good job, and one of the members stuck one back at me! Then of course they had to do some classics. Jimmy and his band really took it back when they did “I Can See Clearly Now”, “Many Rivers to Cross”, “Rivers of Babylon” and one or two more. I have to admit, I was a bit upset that he didn’t do “The Harder They Come”, but nethertheless, amazing show. Deffinently one of the top of my lists of best concerts.

Next was K’Naan. I was strolling around and not paying too much attention, but I was still able to hear the music and see him on stage. When he opened up the show with “ABCs”, the crowd started screaming (the good kind of screaming). He then went off into some songs from his older album, “The Dusty Foot Philosopher”. A feud with K-OS doesn’t stop K’Naan from sounding like him. After that, he surprised the audience by doing a unofficialy released song which I belive is entitled, “La La La” (I’m honestly not too certain), and he should released it to the world because its surprisingly catchy! Finally he rapped the show up by performing his hits, “Take A Minute” and the FIFA 2010 Coca Cola anthem, “Wavin’ Flag”. 

I have so much respect for these two artists. Like one another, they both know how to entertain their fans and help me write a possitive review, yes, another 1 😦 :P.  Not only are they good performers, but they are good people, trying to help make the world a better place throught their music.

Some videos of the Festival

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