Rant, IN 3-D

In more recent years movies have been taking in more money than ever before. And one of the major elements to help it get to that point was none other than 3-D films. Yes, “Eye Popping 3-D Effects” are what have made movies so successful. Take a look at the highest grossing of 2010 so far according to Box Office Mojo:

Rank Title (click to view) Studio* Worldwide Domestic / % Overseas / %
1 Alice in Wonderland (2010) BV $1,024.3 $334.2 32.6% $690.1 67.4%
2 Toy Story 3 BV $895.0 $396.3 44.3% $498.7 55.7%
3 Shrek Forever After P/DW $663.3 $236.6 35.7% $426.7 64.3%
4 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sum. $649.8 $293.1 45.1% $356.7 54.9%
5 Iron Man 2 Par. $621.4 $311.8 50.2% $309.6 49.8%
6 Clash of the Titans (2010) WB $491.9 $163.2 33.2% $328.7 66.8%
7 How to Train Your Dragon P/DW $483.6 $217.6 45.0% $266.0 55.0%
8 Inception WB $477.7 $227.7 47.7% $250.0 52.3%
9 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time BV $327.2 $89.8 27.4% $237.4 72.6%
10 Robin Hood Uni. $310.3 $105.3 33.9% $205.1 66.1%

Half of those movies were in 3-D. In total, The top ten 3-D movies made over 3 558 100 000 together,  and non 3-D 2 368 400 000. As big as the numbers are, 3-D movies are yet to impress me.

When I was younger, they seemed so cool. I remember trying to touch the things flying out of the screen.  Back then, 3-D movies seemed magical. Then came 2005, the birth of Real-D:(

That’s when 3-D went blue and red cardboard glasses, to jet black plastic ones. That’s when that magical feeling started to fade. It’s when things started sticking to the screen, ironically.

An average film ticket (2-D) costs usually from $8 to $12 depending on the theatre, and a 3-D film ticket is around $14-$15! It’s really not worth it. Plus most people say that the glasses give them headaches.

However, there are apparently 3-D glasses that you can buy that will make you have a better 3-D experience. But they are very expensive

The last good 3-D movie I saw was Despicable Me. It marked what I hope will be the comeback of 3-D films. And having tried Sony’s new 3-D TV out 1st hand, I think that there could be a possible comeback in the near future because it’s phenomenal. There is a picture bellow,

In conclusion, I don’t bother with 3-D films. They are too expensive, they cause head pain and the effects aren’t as good as they used to be.

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