Dinner For Schmucks Review

Today being cheap Tuesday, I decided to take the advantage and go see two movies. One of these movies was Dinner For Shmucks.

It’s about Tim Conrad (Paul Rudd), an ambitious worker who has it all, a beautiful girlfriend, a nice car and a stunning condo. But he still wants more. Surley enough, his boss gives him the oppritunity for a major promotion. He only has to do one thing before, come to a “Dinner for Extraordinary People” and bring an ‘Extra Ordinary person”. The catch is that he accually has to bring an complete idiot. Tim is in doubts, until he meets Barry Speck (Steve Carell), an IRS employee with a passion for creating artwork with dead mice. And that’s when the fun begins.

This movie has alot of good elements to it. The main one is the morals of the movie. I’m not saying more than that, go see the movie if you want to find out!

The humour is mostly appropriate, and it doesn’t need to go out for this type of movie because the characters are zany enough to make it funny without too much vulgarity, although there where a few good moments of gross humour! Zach Galifinacis proceeds to yet again deliver another strange and hysterical character.

The characters are all funny and (most are) lovable. You really should get attached to the two main ones, Barry or Tim. I got attached to Tim and felt bad for him frequently throughout the film, to the point when I started yelling at the screen, “OH MY GOSH, OOO CRAP, O GOD!”. 😛

The summer will still be around for a while, as will this movie, so try and see it before too late!


In depth:

Story: 7

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