The Other Guys Review

Last week I saw two movies in 1 day. One of these films was the buddy cop comedy The Other Guys. The film is about two NYC policemen Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Holtz (Mark Wahlberg). They are known as “the other guys”. The guys who sit at their desks all day and don’t fight crime. But when a oppritunity rises when they get the case of their career.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (the director) are like bread and butter when it comes to making comedies. Without McKay, Will has made the less-good movies of his career (Stranger Than Fiction, Land of the Lost, Bewitched), but together they made some of the funniest movies ever like Anchorman and Step Brothers, and this movie is right up there with them.

Unlike Knight & Day, this action comedy had a good balance of action and comedy. Although if I had to choose only 1 genre to describe this movie then I would have to choose comedy.

I like seeing Mark Walhberg doing something different after almost six years of serious films. But with this and Date Night, he really shows the world that he could do funny movies.

I can really only say good things about this movie. There was never a part where I was checking my watch for the time or waiting for a joke. The only bad thing I could say is that the guy sitting behind me kept on kicking his feet on my chair, but that obviously doesn’t affect how I liked the movie!

Verdict: 8

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