Akon @ the Balloon Festival in St Jean Sur Richelieu

It was the second to last night of the Balloon Festival in St. Jean. It was also the night that R&B singer was to perform there. He was supposed to perform in Montreal last year (St Jean is just outside of Montreal), but was a no show because apperently he had some legal issues at the border so I heard. But this year I was optimistic that he would show up, and he did!

He started the show off with the 2007 smash hit, “We Takin’ Over” and got the whole crowd going. He continued to perform some of his songs as a featured guest before he started talking to the crowd. This went HORRIBLY!! The area of St Jean is very french and didn’t understand that he wanted them to “SCREAM”. It was obvious that he dosen’t know french, as he called the town “St. Johns” throught the show.

He managed to fit in all the hits from as early as “Locked Up”, all the way to his David Guetta produced material such as “Nosy Neighbor” and “Sexy Bitch”.

He wore six layers of clothing, and he took all of it off, but of course this all had to to with his torso and above! Akon also crowd dove about 3 times. And with fans trying to pull him down, I think there must of been a little bit of lip synching done.

Overall, the show was almost 2 hours long and the tickets were 20 bucks, and it was well worth going to (despite being stuck in over 3 hours of traffic with drunk kids (0r young adults) also on the road).

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