Usher – Versus (Review)

Usher has gone through alot from 2008 to now. Musicwise, he has made 2 number 1 albums, 2 number 1 singles, collaborations with artists such as Drake, Beyonce, and many more. He has also been benefiting off of the sucsess of his artist Justin Bieber, and him and his wife divorced. This week, he released his 1st EP entitled Versus. It features 9 songs, and 7 of them are new materiel.

I find that it is nice of Usher to treat his fans with a little something since not too much music has come out this summer. Personally, I enjoy the median of the album but not all of it. Those tracks are Lay You Down, Lingerie and Somebody To Love. I don’t like Somebody to Love because I am not a Bieber fan, and I just didn’t get into the other two songs. They’re weaker compared to the rest of the EP.

My advice to you all is to buy it if you like Usher and the guest artists (Bun B, Pitbull, Jay Z, and Justin Bieber), otherwise don’t bother.

Verdict: 6, Usher has done better, but not too shabby for an (possibly quickly made) EP

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