Coming Soon/ References

Hey guys! IU just wanted to give a quick update on what’s happening here in the next month. 4 things

1. I have spoken to some friends in the past week and two of them (so far) are interested in coming on board the team as reviewers.

2. I have gotten lots help from IMDB and Wikipedia for a couple of plot summaries without crediting them, so, um, I guess thanks IMDB and Wiki.

3. Feel free to add comments whenever!

4. Here are some upcoming reviews that I MAY do.

 – The American (I saw it so I’ll be doing it)

 – Takers

 -Piranhas 3-D

 – Nothing by N*E*R*D

 -Libra Scale by Ne-Yo

thanks for reading!

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One Response to Coming Soon/ References

  1. le Singe says:

    I can’t beleive they made a 3d piranha movie, my thoughts:

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