SALT Review

I haven’t seen a movie in almost a month. That was until I saw SALT tonight. This action thriller stars Angelina Jolie, a CIA agent who is belived to be a Russian spy after a Russian convict tells her that a Russian spy named Evelyn Salt (her) will kill the resident of Russia.

The movie follows Salt through her journey. Her very complex journey.

Accually, the complexness of the movie made it alot more interesting of me because it made me think alot about what was happening and who’s side Salt is on.

I wasn’t bored throughout most of the movie, and I was able to keep up with what was happening. The story of this movie is somewhat mind-boggling. It’s a warp of confusion, and I like it!

Angelina Jolie is pretty good in this movie. She is most probably the best actress in the film and she’s definently the one standing out, but she’s done some role’s better, but then again, you shouldn’t expect any actors best if the movie is an action film (unless your Sly Stallone of the Govenator :P)’

To wrap this review up, go see this film if you like action and or mind boggles.

Verdict: 7

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