The American Review


Last friday I thought that I would go see The American along with Salt. And let me tell you all, I’m glad that I saw SALT first because I wouldn’t of been able to sit through another movie.

The American is about Jack (George Clooney) a lonely spy who moves to Italy in order do perform one last mission.

SPOILER: Then when he finally finds a girl, he dies.

This movie just wasn’t worth staying in the theatre for 1 hour and 45 minutes of bore. I kept on saying to my mom “Ok let’s just stay 10 more minutes, maybe it’ll get better”, and it didn’t.

Everything was just way too boring, the plot and the actors. The (little parts of) action weren’t even good. I think that if Clooney makes 1 more bad movie, then he should retire. It was definently the worst movie of the summer, and maybe even the year. Don’t even see it if you are getting free tickets.

C’mon George! Remember when you rocked, remember Batman?

Verdict: 3, my worst review on this site yet, ouch!

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