Akon – Angel (Review)

Over the past week, a new Akon track leaked via internet entitled “Angel”. Today that song was released via iTunes, legally. But anyways, here are my thoughts on it.

Angel is a techno love song. It’s very radio friendly, and doesn’t even swear once. This will serve as the 1st single for his upcoming album entitled “Akonic” (hah, luv it),

I think this song has alot of radio potential. Definently Top 20. Last time when I did Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”, I had a prediction,

“It’s very mainstream pop music. Something that radio listeners will enjoy. I think that it’s an enjoyable enough record and that it could be able to make somewhat of an impact on the radio”

And that “somewhat” ended up becoming a number 1 record. My point being that I’m not always sure with chart positions (but I did score high on a prediction game on www.billboard.com once).

Alot of Akon’s fans are sad that he’s doing pop as a posed to going back to his 2004-2006 music period (Trouble, Konvicted). But I think that it’s a good thing that he does a variety of music. It’s important to experiment as an artist.

Overall, I would say if you liked “Sexy Bitch”, then you are sure to enjoy this. And remember, SHAKE IT LIKE NO1s AROUND!

Verdict: 7.5

In depth:

Vocals: 6 (autotuned)

Beat: 7

Lyrics: 6

I know that’s really a 6.5, but the way it all comes together gives it an extra point

Below, the song itself

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