Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps Review

Although the first Wall Street movie was released before my time (I haven’t seen it) , I found it’s sequel to be quite comprehendible.

Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps is set back in 2008 during the recession. It follows two stories. One of Gordon Gekko, a speculator released from prison in 2001, looking to reconnect with his daughter, Winnie.

It also follows the story of Jake, fiancé of Winnie and looking to seek revenge on his newly crowned head of the investment bank that he works for after he suspects he is the reason behind the suicide of the former head, who was a father figure to Jacob.

Do not go and see this movie if you have a poor comprehension of how Wall Street rolls, I was lucky and had a friend to help!

As for the acting, I cannot complain. If things for Michael Douglas go wrong in the near future, then his could possibly be his last great film (but I hope all goes well for him).

The plot was very exiting, somewhat predictable, but only to what was going to happen in the next scene from the point that I was making them.

Overall, if you have liked any of the actors portrayals in the past , then you should enjoy this.

Verdict: 7

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