NBA TV Canada (Review)

Last month, the NBA launched a TV station in Canada titled “NBA TV Canada”. I thought it was launched on Thursday because when I was watching, it said something about it being the beginning and the first day, but I guess it was just a rerun!

The channel focuses on one thing, Basketball. And almost always about Raptors. Raptors this, Raptors that, Raptors games, Raptors interviews, classic Raptors, following the Raptors tour. UUUGH! They aren’t even that great! I mean, can’t they at least talk about some of the teams close to Toronto like the Knicks or the Celtics? It gets tiring after a while.

In my opinion, the only reason they changed the name from Raptors TV (the original name of the channel) was so that they can get more of a ‘all of Canada appeal’ as opposed to just the Ontario area.

Overall, I found that this channel was extremely unimpressive in the improvemnt area, and that there’s still room for alot of it.

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