I’m Back!

   No, I didn’t go on a long vacation. No, I did not get the flu. In fact, only one problem was stopping me  from writing another review; My Laziness.

    It all started about a month ago. I had to do a quick writing assignment, so I said to myself, “Why not do a review?”. I started to write it, but then I thought “Maybe I should just leave it for the blog”. Which is what I did. I tore the review out of my notebook and threw it away, promising myself that I would post a review to the movie later that week. But I never did.

   Sorry I have been away so long, but I’m back now. I promise you all a review soon. Since I have been away, I have seen 2 films, “Unstoppable” (which I was going to write for my class assignment) and “127 Hours” starring James Franco of “General Hospital”. Also, I’m going to the “TRON: Legacy” premiere tonight, so you all could expect a review on that. Well, that is all for now! Until next time,

Keep on reading!

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