Bob’s Burgers (Review)

  I always say, “You cannot review a television show based on just one episode”, and I think after 3 episodes of FOX’s new animated sitcom, “Bob’s Burgers”, the public is starting to get the picture on what this show is all about.

   “Bob’s Burgers” follows the life of Bob Belcher and his family as they are “Re-Re-Re Opening” their hamburger restaurant.

  I find that the jokes on this show are very similar to what you can watch on TV both before and after “Bob’s Burgers” time slot, The Simpsons (before) and Family Guy (after). In fact, the raunchyness of the humour is in the middle, just like the show’s time slot! Although I like this sort of humour, it kind of bugs me that it is the same, seeing that it is somewhat unoriginal. You can even compare the fact that Bob’s wife has a strange voice, just like Lois and Marge have strange voices. Although something that “Bob’s Burgers” has not done yet is make any references or jokes about pop culture, something that “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” often do. But then again, both of those shows also made less references when they started.

  No, “Bob’s Burgers” has not yet gained the title as one of my favorite shows, In fact, I find “Bob’s Burgers” less funny than almost all of the other FOX shows between 8-10:30, except for “American Dad”, (which is not to say that I don’t find “Bob’s Burgers” to be not funny at all). In fact, I would probably not watch it if it was put into the 9:30 timeslot, thus switching places with “The Cleveland Show”. But since it is on, and it is sort of funny, I will still continue to watch it.

Overall Rating: 7, barely, but a 7

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