Beyonce – Year of 4 (Review)

This year, on June 30th, a documentary was released entitled Beyonce – Year of 4. This documentary follows Beyonce’s life from about a year ago right up to last month.

It seems to have been quite a year of Queen, or as she’d now rather be called, King B. She took some time off which seemed to have a positive impact on her life. She also made the bold move of firing her father as her managerf. Then without further adieu, she got straight into the recording process of her new album, “4“. This was followed by the albums post-production, along with video/photo shoots as well as some finishing touches.

This documentary was very different from her 2009 project, “Beyoncé: For The Record. For The Record seemed to show a rushed and hectic side of Beyonce. But in Year of 4, we can see that it has been a much more calm and organic period of time for her. I also found that she gave much better and in depth answers to the questions being asked, more emotion was put into answering them. A part with lots of emotion that really stood out was when she was crying because of the niceness and passion that the boys teaching her the dance of “Run The World (Girls)” I think that the whole actual making of the album was more wholesome than some of her previous work. Since the split with her dad as a manager, we really also get to see her be so much more independent.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is that Beyonce is a powerful woman figure that cares and always delivers her best onto every project that she works on. And like her other projects, she’s sure to find her way back on top with “4“, which might I add is currently in stores. Speaking of 4, this documentary gave me much more respect for the new album, as I understand where she is coming from with this almost completely new and unexpected style. Even though it may be a fourth album, it has the feel of a second. I sure hope the rest of the world/critics feel the same way.

Since we are talking so much about the number 4, it would be wrong if I didn’t wish all of the American readers a Happy 4th of July! I hope that everyone had fun celebrations.

Overall, I was very pleased with this documentary. I can’t wait to she what she does next, oh wait, I know whats next, a Destiny’s Child reunion!

Verdict: 7.75 (I really can’t give it an 8, but hey, it’s almost there)

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