Bad Teacher (Review)

I went to the movies on the hottest day of the week the other day. Yes, it was too hot out and I should’ve been outside instead, but at least I got a review out of it.

Bad Teacher is about an unenthusiastic teacher (Cameron Diaz) that is trying desperately to raise money for the boob job that she desires. This movie was extremely underrated. It got terrible reviews, but it wasn’t terrible at all.

I found that the movie had alot of funny parts. Lot’s of them, actually most of them were stupid funny. Lots of sex jokes as well as pot use. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal were two of the funnier characters in the movie.

In the end. I went into the theater expecting to see some garbage chick flick style movie. Bridesmaids left a bad taste in my mouth. I was happy that my friend payed because at that time (before I saw the movie), I was thinking about how I would never pay to see that garbage-looking stuff. But I left uncontrollably laughing. I thought it was actually really funny. I mean, I’m still happy that I didn’t pay because I’m a cheapo, but I still felt as if it was a really funny and overhated by the critics.

Verdict: 7

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