Watch The Throne (Review)

Monday night at midnight, the much anticipated Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration effort, Watch The Throne, was finally released. I stayed up that morning listening to it, from start to finish. Including the bonus tracks. And let me tell you, I was blown away.

Watch The Throne gripped me in quickly from the very beginning with the Frank Ocean assisted “No Church In The Wild”. Just like that, I was hooked on the album as if it is a drug. An hour and five minutes pass, and its all over. So I played it again!

The beats on this album are just wicked. The album had very catchy production for the most part with amazing samples on many of the beats that really fit into them and made them even better.

The vocals were all lovely. They had so many big/great names such as Beyonce, Mr Hudson (who is known for singing the chorus of Jay-Z’s “Young Forever”), Odd Future’s Frank Ocean (he ripped not one, but two tracks on the album), Elly Jackson (lead singer of LaRoux) and many more. Each artist provided chorus work that boomed. Each chorus is generally easy to sing along with.

Jay and Kanye’s (now known as The Throne when together) raps were truly brilliant. Some of the best that I’ve heard in the while. They were both able to capture the mood of each beat really well and spit verses that really suited each track’s vibe.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with WTT. It was fantastic from top to bottom. I wasn’t disappointed with any of it. I think that The Throne is the best rap duo since OutKast. And that’s coming from me, a man whos two favorite rappers are Big Boi and Andre 3000. I can’t wait to see The Throne when they come to my city in November, I’m already counting down the days! Good job boys! I will definitely continue watching The Throne!

Verdict: 9. 75, maybe even a ten.


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