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Watch The Throne (Review)

Monday night at midnight, the much anticipated Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration effort, Watch The Throne, was finally released. I stayed up that morning listening to it, from start to finish. Including the bonus tracks. And let me tell you, … Continue reading

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Bad Teacher (Review)

I went to the movies on the hottest day of the week the other day. Yes, it was too hot out and I should’ve been outside instead, but at least I got a review out of it. Bad Teacher is … Continue reading

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U2 360 Tour (Review)

This past weekend in Montreal, U2 was in town to commence the Canadian leg of their “U2 360 Tour“.  80 000 people were in attendance, each night. This show took place at the Hippodrome,  a former horse racing track. This … Continue reading

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Beyonce – Year of 4 (Review)

This year, on June 30th, a documentary was released entitled Beyonce – Year of 4. This documentary follows Beyonce’s life from about a year ago right up to last month. It seems to have been quite a year of Queen, … Continue reading

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Twitter Account / 2 Mini Reviews (Super 8 and Green Lantern)

Hey everyone. I know that I am loooong overdue writing this, but at least it’s finally getting done. I have a Twitter account where I sometimes do quick reviews, but I hope to start writing full reviews over here in … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers (Review)

  I always say, “You cannot review a television show based on just one episode”, and I think after 3 episodes of FOX’s new animated sitcom, “Bob’s Burgers”, the public is starting to get the picture on what this show … Continue reading

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Barney’s Version (Review)

   On new years day, I went out to dinner with my family. Since the place we ate at is right next to the movie theatre, we descided to go to the movies after. “Barney’s Version” was the choice for … Continue reading

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